Sharlea Fine Wool

500 Saxon Merino Sheep have been selected to produce very fine clean Merino wool that is used to make high price quality suits and garments.

Bruce and Tricia produce approximately 10 bales of Ultra fine wool annually with a fibre diameter ranging from 12 to 14.6 micron and a length of approximately 70mm.  Yields up to 81%.

With a consistent quality diet, sheep produce wool
with a very high tensile strength.

Shearing takes place once a year, usually at the end of January

At Burrabliss, classing places high emphases on meticulous skirting of the fleece, appraisal for the traditional perimeters of colour, brightness, style, length, soundness, handle and character.

Finally each fleece is tested in the shed for fibre diameter by way of fleece scan to enable sorting of wool into bales with uniform diameter.

Bruce and Tricia of Burrabliss Farms were awarded the prestigious Cheil Award of Excellence for growing Superfine wool in 1997.

In 2001 a 1pp classification was received for a bale of Ultra Super Fine 13.8 micron. One of only two ever awarded to Sharlea Ultra Fine Wool growers at the time

Sharlea Ultra Fine wool production is an infant industry with high capital running and labour costs.

Sharlea Ultra Fine is an exclusive fibre catering to the elite niche market of high fashion.


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